Get Involved!

There are several ways to get involved and make a change. A few steps are below:

1.Educate yourself about the US Political System, your rights, etc.

2. Write your elected official on issues you feel are important to not only Muslim-Americans, but your local community as well

3. Get acquainted to your local government, elected officials, state governors, etc.

4. Learn the issues facing your local community and see how you can make a change through dialogue, engagement with your elected officials, etc.

5. Find others who would like to make a change and create a group to encourage Muslim-American engagement in local government

6. Get a job or internship on Capitol Hill:

Join Tom Manatos’ listserve (which has jobs and internships on Capitol Hill):

Directions to send to those who want to get on the Jobs list: To get on the jobs list, just e-mail and you will get a return e-mail from Yahoo with registration instructions.  Good luck!

7. Contact MPAC (Muslim Political Affairs Council) to learn how to get involved:

8. Attend town-hall meetings in your community to address issues and challenges that the community is facing

9. Volunteer in elections, polling, campaign coordinating, etc.

10. Register to Vote and get others to too!


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